TIN gets your Serotonin going with new single

Following his last club banger, Buzzed, Australian pop singer songwriter, TIN, comes back with the addictive, Serotonin. It sings about being on the dance floor as one comes across “this Adonis, this perfect specimen” and relying on a surge of serotonin for the courage to approach them.

“I wrote Serotonin about a boy named Sebastian. When I was finishing the chorus, I found out that Saint Sebastian is a bit of a gay icon so the lyric was a perfect fit. I’m singing about someone who is untouchable and the concept of a saint references that kind of idolisation.”

The track is three minutes of synth pop bliss while the music video takes you to church. Recreating a Barbie-esque depiction of da Vinci’s The Last Supper, a table full of bread and wine cleverly labelled ‘Serotonin’ accompany an all queer cast, including TIN’s sister as well as his partner and producer, Lostchild.

“I’m not religious whatsoever and nor is the song. The concept of the song and video draw parallels between idolising a religious figure and idolising someone we find attractive. Both are narratives that we allow to have so much power over us, even if at times with negative consequences.”

Serotonin comes from TIN’s upcoming album Georgie Porgie to be released in early 2024. The music video is now available to watch at and can be heard on all streaming services.